Le chant de mon chantier

from 2014/03/15 until 2014/03/29

Scotty Enterprises zu Gast im Projektraum Immanence, Paris
Annette Sonnewend, Bettina Weiß, Charlotte Bastian, Christine Niehoff, Claudia Schoemig, Julia Krewani, Karin Schroeder, Kiki Gebauer, Linda Weiss, Mariel Poppe, Sigrun Drapatz, Simone Häckel
Eröffnung Freitag, 15. März 2014, 19.00 Uhr
Dauer der Ausstellung 16. März – 29. März 2014www.art-immanence.org

Le Chant de mon Chantier

The exhibition reflects personal artistic and poetical vocabulary of each artist, comprising painting, photograpy, video and installation. It allows insight into the own chantier (site, lot). For example, it explores the material and its properties in its own right: paper, paint, fi lm material,… At the same time the exhibition deals with the subjective investigation and perception of beauty, space, mobilisation, fiction and imagination. The idea of the concept of imagination means that things are not existing independently from our perception, they are attached to our consciousness. terms like to think, to fantasize, to feel, to love, to hate, to imagine, to believe, or to remember refers to an imaginary dimension.
Our life is affected by a hypermobilisation and a constant stream of information, a concentration of the space via speed and conquest of distance. We can overcome territorial distance with a translocal expansion of communication by so called social media like twitter, Facebook,… At the same time this phenomen of global „relocating“ provokes rediscovering of the own, the near, the „I“ but it also supports the creation of fictional identities. As it enables us to visit various places in one single moment, it makes it easier to invent different identities.

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