Here and Now

Installation view, photo by Christine Atkinson

B-LA-Connect 2022 – LA hosts Berlin

Montevista Projects hosts SCOTTY:
Here and Now

Exhibiting artists: Charlotte Bastian, Sigrun Drapatz, Kiki Gebauer, Simone Haeckel, Julia Krewani, Karen Linnenkohl, Christine Niehoff, Bettina Weiß and Juliane Zelwies.

Opening hours: July 9th, 7-10 pm

On view: July 9-23
Sat + Sun: noon-5pm

1206 Maple Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90015

The current exhibition at Monte Vista Projects provides an insight into a multitude of artistic practices which members of SCOTTY in Berlin display through collage, painting, text, photography, video, audio and installation. The exhibition is based on the idea to introduce SCOTTY as a group of individual artists, and by doing so, showing what keeps each of them busy on a daily basis, that is in their respective studios, on research trips or in the editing room.

Since the late 2000s Charlotte Bastian has thematically explored changes in landscape during the Anthropocene, she began working on the collages of her on-going series “Patchworks” in those years. In this exhibition she shows her stereoscopic video Afire 920 in VR glasses.
Bettina Weiß, Kiki Gebauer and Karen Linnenkohl have a focus on geometrical abstraction. While Bettina Weiß paintings depict nature through abstract, geometric forms as they occur in micro- and macrocosms, Kiki Gebauer´s monochrome wooden objects from the Polygonal series seem to float freely in front of the wall, emitting an orange glow. Karen Linnenkohl creates visually impossible spaces through a multi-part photo collage of a staircase.
Julia Krewani explores objects she finds in her everyday surroundings through drawing and their possibilities to move or to be moved while Christine Niehoff’s work operates in the grey area between fact and fiction, exploring the position of the individual in relation to grand collective narrative patterns such as myths, ideologies and popular culture. Juliane Zelwies is interested in the psychology of social interaction. For the current exhibition, she looks into the manners and mannerisms which are performed by artists (as well as  other people working in the art industry) in their work environment.
Block 57 is a living archive initiated and developed by Sigrun Drapatz. Block 57 explores the local history and geography of the residential block SCOTTY is part of with a focus on historical upheavals and their impact on society in German history from mid 19th century to the present day.


About MVP

Monte Vista Projects is a Los Angeles based artist-run collective established in 2007. Through exhibitions, lectures, events, and performances, MVP strives to question existing standards that emerge from academia and contemporary art institutions. Monte Vista Projects collaborates with local, national, and international artist-run spaces. We prioritize working with under-represented artists to broaden access to artistic discourse.

B-LA CONNECT is an initiative to promote the cooperation and interlinking between the two sister cities’ creative communities.

In June 2019, twenty art spaces from Los Angeles exhibited in 22 art spaces from Berlin. The interdisciplinary program included art exhibitions, film screenings, performances, talks, and more. This July, 2022, the Berlin art spaces travel to LA for a return visit with staggered openings throughout the city in 22 different art spaces, a film night at the Goethe-Institut LA, and a performance evening on the rooftop of The Bendix Building.

Please visit for full programming.

Concept, Direction, Coordination Berlin: Daniel Wiesenfeld (HilbertRaum)

Co-Direction, Coordination LA: Carl Baratta (Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Gallery ALSO)

Co-Direction, Coordination LA: Max Presneill (Durden and Ray, Torrance Art Museum)

B-LA Connect Team LA:  Diego Juarez, Lizzie Moo, Sean Noyce, Clover Nusz, Shima Tajbakhsh, Katya Usvitsky, Judy Zhu

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